Check out answers to some of the more common questions.

What is a Criterium?

A criterium, or crit, is a bike race held on a short course often held on blocked-off city streets. The course is short, usually less than 5 km, and is a closed circuit, where riders complete multiple laps. Riders typically race for a given length of time, then complete a specified number of laps. An example would be a race of 60 minutes plus three laps.

In addition to the typical method of determining a winner — first rider across the finish line — many crits have prizes that can be won while the race is in progress. Called primes (pronounced “preems”), these are given for winning specific laps along the way and are frequently cash prizes or merchandise.

Can anyone race?

Yes, but you will need a USAC racing license.  More information can be found at

 Where can I spend the night?

The Holiday Inn ($99/night) and Shoreline Inn($129/night) have rooms each held for Friday and Saturday nights. Anyone who needs to stay either or both nights can book with either hotel by calling the hotel and mention they are coming in for the Port City Criterium. Below is the front desk phone numbers for both hotels:
Shoreline Inn- (231) 727-8483
Holiday Inn- (231)722-0100